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We rent in 15-20 calm and friendly horses each year. During summer and autumn, they take with them tourists out on great riding trips in the mountains. All our trips are in varied terrain, and we arrange trips that suit both children and adults - beginners and experienced riders are welcome!

We have mostly the Norwegian breeds Dole horse and Fjord horse. Get a great experience with the Norwegian horses in their home scenery.

Gudbrandsdalen is the valley close to Venabu. I Norwegian the Dole horse is called "Dølahest" og "Gudbrandsdals hest" - meaning the horses from Gudbrandsdalen. These horses are known for their "cold head and warm heart", and Venabu is very proud to show off these fantastic horses!

Check out the prices for our riding trips.


Riding weekend (each weekend week 25-39) we arrange riding weekends for two levels: Experienced and beginners. A fun weekend where you get to see some fantastic views!

Prices from NOK 2500,-, read more about our riding weekend.
SPECIAL OFFER in week 25. Click to read more.


Riding holiday for experienced riders (Sunday-Friday, week 26-34) is a great way to experience Norwegain mountains. You get to ride along the edge of "Dørjuvet" - a canyon with a 100m drop, over several mountain tops with great views and cross rivers.

Prices from NOK 4900,-, read more about the Riding Holidays.


Riding holiday for beginners

(Sunday-Thursday week 26-34) suits those that has little experience with horseback riding, but who still wants to experience the Norwegian mountains in an extraordinary way. We have safe and steady horses, who are used to beginners, and experienced guides. 

Prices from NOK 3600,- read more about the Riding holiday for beginners.


Riding tours, instruction and rounds for children are arranged every day from June 19th to October 15th 2015.

See our weekly program and prices. We can also arrange riding instruction in English. 

Contact us by e-mail post@venabustallen.no or by calling +47 612 93 200 to make a reservation.









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