Guided tours

Throughout the winter season we have 1-2 tour guides that bring our guests with them on both short and long ski trips. During Christmas and in January we offer short trips, while towards the end of February and in March and April we offer longer daytrips up in the mountain plateau. A lot of our tours take you outside the prepared trails - this way you get close to nature and you can more easily spot animal tracks. Once a week, we arrange a guided snow shoe trip to the waterfalls in Myfallet. Show shoeing is great for you who want to try out something else than skiing.


In addition to the great experience of nature that the guided tours bring, the ski trips is excellent to practise ski techniques, and can help you to become a better skier.


The guided trips can be booked as a package, including 5 days of skiing. You can also sign up for the day trips during your stay at our hotel.


Attached our program for 2017:


Attached our skisafariprogram 2017:

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