Responsible Tourism at Venabu

Becoming an Eco-lighthouse

The foundational ethos of Venabu has always been one of bringing guests to experience the beautiful, wild nature and mountains of Venabygdsfjellet.

As we welcome our guests, it is in keeping with our principles that we extend the values of Responsible Tourism to our hospitality: caring for our immediate environment, for people and for the planet. Venabu is working towards certification in the Norwegian Eco-lighthouse scheme and we hope to gain this accreditation in 2020.

Among the areas we have examined and made changes are:

Sourcing local and organic food

Venabu already had good relationships with many local suppliers and our summer guests may have already enjoyed the flavourful Norwegian strawberries that are grown less than 10km from the hotel. 


Increasing our use of eco-certified products throughout the hotel.


Continuing to reduce of waste and enable waste sorting in all areas of the hotel.

Reducing energy consumption

In 2018 Venabu invested in a geothermal heat pump and in heat exchange technology to supplement heating in the hotel.

We have started to install motion detectors for light switches in common areas.

Many of the rooms now have a system to shut off the heating when the windows are open.

We encourage guests to reuse their towels.


We have charging facilities for electric vehicles.

Two-thirds of our staff walk already to work ☺

We provide information on environmentally friendly forms of transport to guests.

Health and safety

Our procedures are up to date and regularly reviewed.


In addition - and this is an important personal value for all our walking and skiing guides: we aim to enhance our guests' experience of nature on all our tours.


We are committed to ongoing improvements in these and other areas and appreciate the support of our guests to reduce our impacts on the rest of nature.