Cross country ski grades

Cross country ski grades

These grade descriptions are guidelines to give our guests a sense of how skiers progress with skills and technique and how we form the groups for our guiding programme.


Guests new to cross country skiing. On the first day of skiing we run a specific beginners' lesson so that guests can learn the foundations of good cross country ski technique for classic cross country skiing. Our teaching approach takes you through exercises and practice to build technique step by step in a playful and relaxed atmosphere. During our guided ski tours our new skiers continue to develop these skills. 

We offer an uphill and downhill ski lesson as part of the ski guiding programme to help guests develop confidence and good technique. An effective snowplough and the ability to control your speed and line on a gradient is an important skill. It enables you to safely take on a greater variety of tours so that you can explore further afield and see more of the beautiful area around Venabu.

We understand that people learn at different rates. There is the flexibility to move between appropriate levels of ski tour day to day.


Guests who are returning to cross country skiing after a break or who would like to refresh the foundations of technique. Also guests who may have cross country ski experience and, for whatever reason, whose fitness isn’t so strong this time. We understand that whatever our best intentions, life sometimes happens! 


Our intermediate skiers have an effective snowplough and are able to control their speed and line safely on descents. Their classic technique is efficient, supported by reasonable fitness, and this allows them to enjoy tours of between 12-18kms. Again, our guests can swap between suitable groups during the week so that they can enjoy the best tour for them that day.

We often combine on and off track skiing on our tours and our intermediate skiers have the skills to enjoy easier off track skiing. If we plan to take a group off track we will let everyone know beforehand.


Our advanced skiers on the Ski Safari tours have good cross country ski technique enabling them to ski efficiently, on and off track, in a variety of snow conditions. They have a strong snowplough and are also able to control their speed and line on descents off track. These guests also have the fitness to enjoy day-long ski tours of upto 25 -30 kms.

Guests who join the weekly guiding programme are able to swap between suitable levels of tour so they can enjoy the tour that suits them and their energy levels that day. We will run at least two groups each week and frequently more. The tours we offer depend to some extent on our guests’ ski ability and the number of guests that week. For safety reasons the final decision about ski groups rests with our ski guides. 

A note on fitness:

Cross country skiing is an activity enjoyed by many people for many different reasons. We think it is fair to say that guests who are reasonably fit and who take some time to prepare for their holiday are most likely to enjoy their skiing.

For guests who would like to develop their cross country ski technique or gain more confidence on their skis we offer private cross country ski lessons and our new coaching course: Become a Better Skier!

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