Walking holiday grades

The photo gallery, right, has examples of each grade and a photo of Besseggen. To read the description just hover your cursor over the thumbnail or open the gallery. 


Our trips at this grade are designed with active travellers in mind. If you enjoy a walk and exploring on foot these holidays should suit you. Walks in the mountains are rarely flat so being comfortable with up to 450m of ascent and descent in total during the walk is realistic. 450m of ascent translates to about a total of an hour and a half of steady climbing during the day but not all at once. Paths may be rocky and muddy in places. Expect to be walking for between 8 and 13km which may take 4 -5 hours. 

The altitude on these trips is quite modest. Venabu sits at 932m asl and the walks are below 1200m asl.

The emphasis on these holidays is relaxed enjoyment of the mountains, nature and culture of Norway. Our Step into Norwegian Culture tour is a walking holiday at this grade.

Regular hillwalkers may enjoy our intermediate or challenging holidays.


These walking holidays are designed for 'hillwalkers' who enjoy a holiday where the emphasis is on the walking. The distance on an average day is about 16km, some days are longer, some a little shorter. One day is approximately 24 km long. The total ascent or descent during the day may be up to 700m which translates to a total of about two hours steady climbing. Paths can be rocky and muddy but there is no scrambling or exposure. Expect to be out for about 7 hours in total on consecutive days.

We visit some beautiful, wild and remote areas so guests should have experience of hiking in mountains, including in bad weather. Our Wild Reindeer Country Walking holiday is at this grade.

The altitude of these walks is quite modest. Venabu sits at 932m asl and the maximum altitude just below 1500m asl.


These hiking holidays are designed for fit, experienced hillwalkers who enjoy mountain hiking in spectacular places. The walks are challenging and so guests should be prepared to walk for long days (up to 9 hours), on consecutive days with up to 1200m of ascent and descent which can translate to about four hours of steady climbing during the day. We will be hiking in some beautiful, remote locations so guests should be experienced in mountain environments and able to deal with bad weather. The paths can be rocky, including boulder fields, some scrambling and exposure. Guests who are uncomfortable with heights may find this a challenge, please contact us if you have any questions.

While you do not need to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy these holidays it is expected that most guests will benefit from some fitness preparation. Our Three National Parks Challenge is a walking holiday at this grade.

The maximum altitude on these holidays is approximately 2300m asl.

If you have any questions about our walking grades or the suitability of a holiday please get in touch. We have extensive knowledge of the area are happy to help you choose the best holiday for you, contact Joy:

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