Wellbeing at Venabu

Yoga, Pilates,

Mindfulness and Relaxation Massage

New for summer 2020 - Yoga holidays at Venabu!

Join us at Venabu for a weekend or a week-long stay to relax and revitalise your mind and body.

Our yoga, mindfulness and natural movement teachers have got together and designed two exciting new breaks that (we think) have the perfect combination of energising and relaxing movement, and fun. These restorative breaks give you the opportunity to explore new ways of moving and looking after yourself while enjoying a stay at Venabu, in the heart of Norwegian nature. Our re-energising Yoga and Natural Movement weekend runs in July while the week-long Yoga, Mindfulness and Natural Movement Holiday takes place in August, with more dates to follow soon.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga has long been an important part of life at Venabu. All our wellbeing classes support Venabu’s aim to create a warm welcome at the heart of Norwegian nature. We are happy when our guests explore the beautiful surroundings and enjoy all the benefits of fresh air and relaxation. 

Yoga and Pilates have their own benefits and they also promote relaxation and recovery. They are an excellent complement to your mountain activities such as skiing and walking. They improve balance and strength and promote good movement patterns and body awareness. Yoga and Pilates at Venabu are accessible to all our guests who are in good health, even if you do no other regular exercise.

Our friendly, qualified teachers offer classes during the summer and winter seasons. Our classes are suitable for guests new to yoga or Pilates and for experienced practitioners alike. 

Venabu has its own dedicated yoga space (with mats) which you are free to use between classes for your own practice or stretching.

Our innovative ski cross country ski coaching week: Become a Better Skier, takes this a step further as we integrate Pilates with expert ski coaching to help recreational skiers to develop and fulfil their aspirations, whatever they may be.


The benefits of mindfulness have been well documented: it helps to develop calmness, clarity and concentration; to reduce stress, anxiety and rumination; it helps memory and focus and increases relationship satisfaction. As many of us live increasingly busy lives mindfulness gives us the opportunity to really live in the moment without distraction.

Our mindfulness sessions let you find out more: what mindfulness is (and isn’t) in a friendly, relaxed setting. Our sessions are suitable for those new to mindfulness and experienced practitioners. 

In addition to weekly sessions during the summer and winter seasons we have a new ‘Mountain Mindfulness’ holiday which combines walking in the beautiful area local to Venabu with mindfulness practices indoors and out.

Sport and relaxation massage

Relax, recover and ease out any aching muscles, book a massage with our qualified masseur. During the winter season massages are available on most days, during the summer please ask us in advance.  

And remember our saunas are available free of charge to guests every afternoon during the season.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact us:

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