Hiking in Norway

Hiking in Norway and around Venabu is a special experience. 

First you notice the quiet: just the sounds of nature, then the colours, then the big skies above and around you and then the vastness of the landscape and the mountains. There is an invitation to settle into the tranquility.

This open, spacious landscape offers tours and adventures to suit all kinds of walkers to discover. There are well-marked, level trails visiting lakes and canyons and for making short tours. There are rougher, rugged paths over summits and beyond. All around there is nature, pure and simple.

Norway has a network of 'T' trails, marked by the Norwegian Trekking Association or DNT. These mark out long distance routes across almost the whole of the country and connect the DNT's cabins. The DNT and its cabins are an integral part of Norwegian culture and 'Friluftsliv' or outdoor living. There are many of these 'T' trails in the Venabu area and the DNT cabins of Gråhøgdbu and Eldåbu are within a day's walk of the hotel.

We run a bus into the mountains each morning from which you can walk back to the hotel along your chosen path.

A4 Maps are available in Reception. Other maps are available from our shop in the reception area.

Guests who would like to walk with a group may be interested in our programme of walking holidays which run through the summer.

For additional  information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring +47 6129 3200.