Horseback riding in Norway

Learn to ride or take part in one of our many riding tours!

Each summer our stables are home to 15-20 calm, friendly horses. Most of our horses are Dølahest, a special local breed from Gudbrandsdalen. They are hardy, surefooted and at home in the mountains. We also have Icelandic horses. Our staff in the stables are all keen horse people, passionate about horseriding and guiding you on the most beautiful tours.

Horseriding tours

Come and discover the mountains on horseback. The Venabuygdsfjellet area around Venabu is ideally suited to mountain riding tours with varied terrain. We offer trips to suit all levels: beginners to experienced riders. Both children and adults are welcome.

Riding tours, instruction and short tours for children are arranged every day from June to September.

Horseriding weekends and holidays

Venabu arranges riding weekends and riding holidays for both beginners and more experienced riders. 

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