Cross country ski guiding

At Venabu we run our popular cross country ski guiding programme, five days a week, throughout the winter. Our experienced ski guides will take you to the best skiing for the snow conditions and weather on the day so all you need to do is have fun and enjoy your skiing. We aim to take you on a different tour each day so through the week you will explore much of the vast, beautiful ski area that surrounds Venabu, with its varied terrain and wonderful views. 

Our tours are graded to suit our guests' skill, fitness and energy levels with a number of tours going out each day. Tours start after breakfast and bring you back in time for the generous buffet lunch. In the afternoons you are free to explore the area by yourselves, to have a private ski lesson or just to relax! 

A typical week:

Sunday is the first day of our ski guiding programme and we offer a beginners lesson as well as tours for more experienced skiers. This helps our beginner skiers to develop good cross country ski skills and technique from the start, in a relaxed environment. After that we may offer more skills sessions but usually we incorporate 'coaching on the move', when appropriate, during the ski tours.

For guests who are returning to their skis, our Sunday tour will help you to warm up and find your 'ski legs' again as we include some 'coaching on the move' during the tour.

On Monday afternoons we run our popular uphill and downhill ski lesson close to the hotel to help guests develop and refine their confidence and control on descents.

Wednesdays usually offer a change of pace, an opportunity to venture into the snow-covered forest away from the tracks on a guided snowshoe tour. We find guests, particularly those early in their ski career, really benefit from a change of activity mid week. They return to their skis with extra energy and enthusiasm for the rest of their stay. We may change the day of the snowshoe tour on occasion to suit the weather. The snowshoe tour isn't included in the five day ski package and can be added locally.

And then relax...

On most days during the winter season we offer yoga, Pilates or mindfulness classes - why not try something new? Or use the class to help you stretch and recover for your next day's skiing.

More holiday ideas:

For fit, experienced cross country skiers we also run our special offtrack Ski Safari holidays from the week beginning the 22nd February 2020 until 28th March 2020. Cross country skiers who enjoy learning and developing their skills may enjoy our Become a Better Skier cross country ski skills course.

Gudbrandsdalen Ski Experience: ski for a full day and explore a new area with one of our ski guides. For most weeks of the season from the 25th January 2019 we will be offering a day-long ski tour in addition to our established ski guiding programme.

Ski guiding dates:

Week beginning 14th December 2019 to 17th April (28th March - 4th April is our Vintersportsuka so no guiding programme that week)

Ski guiding prices for 2019/20:

2000 NOK per person for five days skiing, when booked in advance.  

420 NOK per person per day (Wednesday is a snowshoe tour, please see above)

Ski guiding grades:

Please visit our new cross country ski grades page to help you understand ski grades.

To book contact us:

e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

t: +47 61 29 32 00

For specific questions about our guiding programme please contact Robert Molnar, Head of Ski School:

e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

t: +47 99 30 25 16

We are starting a series of blog posts to answer 'Frequently Asked Questions'. First up 'What to wear for cross country skiing in Norway'.