Snowshoe tours

Come snowshoeing with us!

Get away from the ski tracks, explore deep into the wintry forest and experience the silence of our winter wonderland.

On snowshoes you can go almost anywhere, no skiing required. A snowshoe tour with one of our guides offers a very different experience and a complete change from skiing. We wind through the trees, taking the time to appreciate the beautiful, sculptured shapes created by the snow-laden branches. You will gain insights into the lives of the animals and birds that stay active through the winter: ptarmigan, hares, foxes, pine martin, voles and even the wolverine. You can make your own tracks and see the winter landscape from a whole new perspective.

Most people take to snowshoeing very easily. It is simply winter walking. The snowshoes (no tennis rackets!) attach securely to your boots and their large surface area helps you to walk in the snow. Complete with a pair of poles you are ready to go.

As part of our weekly guiding programme we offer snowshoeing one day per week when we may visit the spectacular ice fall of Myfallet. There are also other options local to Venabu.


Private snowshoe guiding - take a snowshoe tour with one of our guides and enjoy an excursion that is perfectly suited to you, whether you would like to enjoy a tranquil tour through the forest or visit a snowshoe summit. The choice is yours, subject to the conditions and availability at the time.

For more information please visit our private guiding page.
We also hire snowshoes in the skistall which is open every morning, please visit our ski rental page for more information.

To book or enquire about snowshoeing please contact us:

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t: +47 61 29 32 00